About Us

ProSport.Guru Inc. is a revolutionary global sports game app designed and created to meet the needs of every sports fan alike. ProSport.Guru offers 4 unique game modes not offered on any other sports app allowing players to find everything they are looking for in one location. ProSport.Guru takes the game beyond any existing fantasy sports app on the market.

Now let’s get into the action. Our first game mode offers a unique One on One experience with Debbie an artificial intelligent sports fan. This is always a free game where players practice their sports picking skills one on one against the house “Debbie” to earn loyalty bonus coins for prizes.

The next level of entertainment is what we call Heads Up, like the concept in poker it is a two player game. Playing in a head to head match versus the public or create a private game with friends or anyone you want to beat for bragging rights. Heads Up allows you to play for free or up the ante for cash. For groups, we have created a virtual Sports Booth for as small as 3 to as large as 10 players all at once. Players are competing against each other for the most wins or longest streak of sports picks, either for free or like our heads up they can take home the cash pot.

Our last game mode “Tournament” is designed for the most competitive players in mind. It is our version of the sports parlay which allows unlimited number of players the opportunity to win the largest pots. Tournaments will occur weekly offering multiple sports leagues and challenges players with the opportunity to use their sports knowledge to pick against the toughest games of the week. Tournaments offer elite level play.

The most exciting perk for PS.G players is the opportunity to earn money through their profile and sports picks. As you play the games and win, PS.G will automatically rank your performance status and showcase your picks to the marketplace where they can be sold for cash. The better your performance the more you earn, making this the first sports app where you can earn money for free. Start putting your sports knowledge to use and download the ProSport.Guru app today to start winning cash and prizes.