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4 unique sports game modes

One on One

with Debbie

Play Debbie the Artificial Intelligent sports fan to win bonus coins for prizes.

Head to Head


Challenge other ProSport.Guru players in public games or create your own.

Sports Booth

MULTI-PLAYERS (up to 10)

Challenge other ProSport.Guru players in public games or create your own.

Tournament Play


Play ProSport.Guru players from around the world in pre-selected multi-sport games.

Over 100 public games to choose from


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1,000 COINS = $1.00 USD

Choose from 7 Sports

Hockey | Basketball | Football | Baseball | Soccer | Rugby | E-Sports

Moneyline Odds: Hockey | Baseball | Soccer | E-Sports

Against the Spread Odds: Football | Basketball | Rugby

Multiple Game Types

Most Wins

Longest Streaks

3, 5, 7 or 9 picks

BONUS COINS can be used to select prizes from within the ProSport.Guru in-app store.
  • Earn bonus coins by playing Debbie or visiting the ProSport.Guru app daily.
  • Bonus coins are not for cash purposes.

CASH COINS can be used to Play cash coin games in public and/or private game modes.
  • BUY cash coins within the ProSport.Guru app at the upper right corner icon.
  • Each cash game has a 100 coin ($0.10US) game fee to play per player.
  • Cash coins are real money.

SELLING PICKS – all sports picks sold within the ProSport.Guru app cost 1,000 coins ($1.00US).
  • The ProSport.Guru player receives 90% of the sold pick revenue.

QUICK PICKS – make you own picks or get help with the quick pick button.
  • ProSport.Guru offers random picks which you can fully edit the games.
  • ProSport.Guru is not responsible for the outcome of the games randomly selected.

PROFILE | LOCKERROOM LOCKERROOM – on any given week you can find your ProSport.Guru Supremacy!
  • Track your latest 200 sports team picks & make your way up the 5 stage performance meter.
  • Legendary ProSport.Guru status needs 65% over latest 200 picks … consistently.
  • Even though players can select Game Totals of games, the over/under is not tracked within the Performance meter %

We really couldn’t have made it this far in our development, if it wasn’t for the help and support of our affiliate partners Pinnacle. All the game data running within the ProSport.Guru app is provided by Pinnacle is a world renowned sportsbook for those more serious sports fans.

Enjoy the games and have fun playing! If you have any questions or suggestions on how we can grow and make things better for all players, please contact us. We would be thrilled to hear from you. Good Luck and Play within your Limits!